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• Sunday, January 16th, 2011

OK so I did another Home Inspection yesterday (Saturday).  To start off with the home was a very nice single family, 1 car garage, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms, deck, and VERY well maintained.  We did a Full scale, Inspection with Radon test and also Termite inspection.  In the end there were only a few minor deficiencies that needed noting and repair, but for the most part this was a very nice home for the new owners.  OK so what was interesting about this Home Inspection was the amount of people present.

 OK I show up about 25 minutes early which I like to do so I can get a little bit familiar and actually start the Home Inspection from the outside.  So I am doing my thing and the 1st person to show up is the buyers agent.  A very nice lady who I got along with fantastically and hope to do a bunch of future work with as we saw eye to eye and got along very well.  OK next pulls up the new Homeowners, both the Mr. and the Mrs..  A very nice young and friendly  couple.  I believe we also hit it off very well as they had many legit learning questions for me, and of course I had many answers for them.  I really tried to go a step above and teach them a ton of things regarding their new home and how different systems work.  OK next to show up are the in-laws.  The Mrs. brought her mom and dad (also very nice people).  Now we were starting to get a full house here, and yes EVERYONE was firing off questions and concerns at me, and the replies and learning lessons continued to flow.  It was quite the fun teaching event. 

OK so just to top it all off, about 1 hour into the Home Inspection the Sellers agent pops on in.  hahaha  wow now we really have a full house going on here and yes I am the center of attention.  Lots of good questions from all of them, and yes, lots of Great answers from me.

In the end this couple is buying a very, very nice home, with only a few minor things to have fixed.  In my opinion they stumbled onto a great deal for their 1st home together, and I wish them all the best as they seem to be great people.

For me it was an interesting Home Inspection as I have never had that many people who fully participated in the entire Home Inspection at the same time.  But I also feel that I did an outstanding job and started a new working relationship with a great new up and coming Realtor in the Maryland area.