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• Friday, March 25th, 2011
OK well this was a fairly good and productive week here at Maryland Home Inspection Services.  We had quite a busy workload of Home Inspections.  We did a few full inspections including radon testing and a few with termite inspections, and a few with all the different ancillary home inspection services. 
We also were spread out all over Maryland from Gaithersburg, to Baltimore, to Frederick, Keedysville (where I met a very nice new Real Etate Agent) and great family, back to Rockville, and then shot out to Temple Hills.  I have seen a few new areas of Maryland this week I never new existed.  We also did an Inspection on a brand New Construction house in Frederick.  This inspection was a pre drywall inspection and we will be going back for a final inspection after the home is completed.
Well we have one last Inspection set up for tomorrow (Saturday).  It is another full inspection on a 1955 built home, and we will be doing a termite inspection as well as another radon inspection.
OK well until next post, be careful and be happy to all my friends.