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• Friday, May 27th, 2011

Today’s housing market is full of Bank-owned foreclosures as a result of the economy as well as many other factors. Most of these homes are being sold “As Is”. I am hearing from many clients that their agents are telling them that a Home Inspection is not necessary since the home is an “As Is”. This is absolutely absurd and wrong information to be telling the prospective buyers, as a matter of fact it is really the opposite in my opinion. Due to the fact that many of these homes have had their home maintenance neglected for sometime is even more cause and concern for a good thorough professional home inspection.

As a potential buyer of a foreclosed property which is not going to have much (if any) home maintenance information included with it, wouldn’t you want to know as much information about the condition of the property as you can? Wouldn’t you won’t to know how safe the property is? how many different items will need repairs or replacements right off the bat just to get the structure in good habitable and safe condition ? A professional Home Inspector won’t tell you exactly how much money the repairs will cost you, but they will be able to give you a very good report on the condition of the property so that you can use that information in making a better educated decision and assessment of the property. After having the Inspection and going over the report and discussing it with your inspector you will have a better understanding of the property and then can make a better educated choice of the direction you want to go. An “As Is” property can be a great way to go for some people and not the best way to go for others. Either way a professional Home Inspection is well worth the money and a very good starting point for such a large decision. I could go on and on about the reasons why ALL properties whether foreclosures or not should have a professional home inspection performed before buying it. As a matter of fact I really cannot think of even one reason why you should not have it inspected.

I think that any agent that advises their client not to have a home inspection before purchasing the property is giving wrong, bad and misguided information and is really only looking out for their own agenda of selling the home with no regard for the best interest of their client. As a Licensed, Professional, Certified Maryland Home Inspector I have only one agenda on my plate and that is to provide all my clients with the real deal regarding their potential new home. No sugar coating, no fluff, but the truth and nothing but the truth as that is what they are paying me for and what they expect and deserve. We go by a saying here “It Is What It Is”

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• Friday, May 20th, 2011

It seems that since the spring is here people here in Maryland are gearing up for the great fun that the good weather and friends bring. Lots of people seem to be getting their decks cleaned, stained, treated, and generally having them fixed up as they should do as a scheduled yearly safety maintenance program.

Here at Maryland Home Inspection Services we have many of our old customers as well as many new customers asking us to come out and do a thorough inspection of their decks. The few dollars that this costs can not only help to save from larger future repairs, but can also help to make it a safer summer for all.

There is much more to a safe deck then what most people see when they are standing on their decks. I encourage anyone who has a deck to have it Professionally Inspected by someone who is trained and certified in deck inspections.

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• Friday, May 06th, 2011

With the nice weather starting the Real Estate Market is beginning to pick back up here In Maryland. With this brings in many new Home Inspections as well as other types of Inspections such as Radon Testing, Mold Testing, Deck Inspections, Home Safety and Maintenance Inspections, and a whole array of other types of home Inspections. We have seen a good positive trend in the past month or so and have a positive outlook that this will continue. In the past few weeks we have performed several inspections spread all over Maryland in Potomac, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Temple Hills, Germantown, Baltimore, Capital Heights, and other Marylandcities, hopefully this continues and the Real Estate Market gets back on track.

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