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• Sunday, June 05th, 2011

After many years of performing Home Inspections in Maryland I have found that one of the most important things we can do for our customers is to be very flexible. Obviously we provide all of our Maryland Home Inspections in a very professional manner. We enjoy teaching our clients everything they need or want to know about their new properties and help them to understand the homes needs in regards to safety and maintenance requirements. We like to take our time with each client and never rush an inspection or an explanation. That being said we also try to accommodate all of the needs of not only our clients but also the agents and everyone else involved in the inspection process. This is why we do many of our inspections on weekends (Saturdays and even Sundays) so the client does not need to interrupt their normal weekday routine and can allot more time to the inspection thus gaining more important information regarding this major investment.

Whether we are performing a full home inspection, a yearly maintenance inspection, a safety inspection, a deck inspection, a radon test, a mold test or any other type of professional inspection we believe that taking the necessary time to perform the task and to fully go over it with the clients is a vital aspect of the complete package. We will never rush an inspection and seriously enjoy educating our clients throughout the whole process.

This is just one of the many things we offer all of our clients that helps to set us apart from other inspectors and provides our clients with the quality home inspection that they should receive and deserve.

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