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• Monday, August 01st, 2011

The American dream of buying or selling a home will probably be the biggest and best investment you will ever make. The small price of a professional Maryland Home inspection can provide you help in making an informed and wise decision on your purchase. A professional home inspection performed by a certified and licensed Maryland Home Inspector can also be an extremely valuable tool for any property owner. Having a home inspection performed every few years (especially on older homes) can save you a great deal of money down the road as well as provide you with safety and peace of mind.

Many home buyers have no idea what a good home inspector is, does, or should be. By no means are all home inspectors the same. There are many degrees of home inspectors ranging from the “new kid” on the block to the “veteran old timers”.

The new kid may be ok as an inspector but he also may be very “new” and thus lack in the experience and knowledge necessary to give a full, well rounded complete and thorough professional home inspection. The new kid may also be a part timer that is simply doing home inspections for a bit of spare spending money and lack the sincerity and dedication that you are really looking for in a home inspection.

The Veteran old timer who has been in the business much longer will most likely possess more knowledge (especially of older systems) in a home. They will have also seen more deficiencies and defects and be able to pick up on a greater amount of these issues.

If you are looking for a qualified veteran Home Inspector In Maryland, I invite you to give me a call and see what sets us apart from the others.

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