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• Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Before I get to deep I want to get something straight. Yes there are still some very good Real Estate Agents that do a great job and genially care that their clients get a good deal for their money and possess the skills and integrity necessary to help their clients get the “best bang for their buck” and not get into a bad situation. I personally work with a few of these good agents and have the utmost respect for them. We work well together as they are not like many of the others. That being said there are many agents that have only one thing on their agenda, and that is to close the deal no matter what. Some of these agents will go as far as to contact the inspector after the inspection is completed and the report is done and tell them to change or even omit something if they feel that item or comment may jeopardize their sale.

Agents are there to help their clients find the right fit for their needs and at the right price, location, area and other specifics. The agent is nota professionally trained Home Inspector and should leave that task to the professionals that are trained and continue to train and learn each and everyday. There are professional Home Inspector Organizations such as InterNACHI (International Association Of Certified Home Inspectors) that require all their members to take continuing education courses in all the different components that make up your home and
successfully pass exams on these subjects. There is also special training and certifications for of the necessary procedures needed to perform a thorough and professional Home Inspection. Some of these include (but are not limited to) Radon Gas Testing, Mold Testing, Energy Audits, just to name a few.

I recently performed an inspection for a very nice family that was referred to me by an agent that I have gotten a few other referrals from in the past. We have had words and disagreements before but never to the extent that we just had regarding this last inspection. To make a long story short, this house had all the typical deficiencies that many older homes have such as needing some minor wood trim repairs, new screen door, a few new switches, outlets, caulking etc… all normal issues. OK the big kicker is that the house has some severe Bio -Growth in 4 separate visible areas. I am not talking about a small 3″x3″ area, I am talking about areas that are approxinmently 8’x8′ in area. Also we found a few foundation wall cracks and a few actual holes in the roof where you can see the sky from inside of the attic in several areas. OK so we write up our very detailed report (including pictures) and make the recommendation to our client that these major concerns should be Further evaluated prior to settlement. This is a common recommendation for such a serious safety concern. We wouldn’t want anyone to find out after the fact that they cannot afford to remedy these issues and have no way out of a very physically unsafe condition as well as an unrealistic monetary hardship.

OK well I get a call after the agent saw the report and she was screaming at me and telling me that I need to take that out of the report because it may kill the deal. She continues with a bunch of ridicules threats and screaming, then hangs up the phone. About an hour later I receive an email from her. This was the kicker. She actually put into writing that she has used other inspectors that would change their reports after SHE tells them to? Now that in itself is quite disturbing “If it is true”. I personally know of no Professional Full Time Inspector that would sacrifice their license, livelihood, and integrity just so some agent can make a sale. She also goes on to say that I neglected to bring up this serious issue during the inspection. Now this made me laugh because not only did I bring it up to my clients, I showed them the holes in the roof, walked them outside to show them the foundation crack, and discussed the mold and the options for testing it and then explained the remediation process to them. All this time the agent was making phone calls, and doing who knows what, but certainly not attending to the inspection at hand. The last thing she writes about is that I spend to much time on inspections talking to the clients. I find this hilarious as every client I do inspections for love the education I give them about their possible new home and also about building structures and systems in general. If they don’t want to learn they tell me so, it’s not up to nor should have anything to do with the agent the amount of information I give to the clients.

OK well my rant is over and I hope that at least some people get the drift here and when searching for a Professional Home Inspector do a bit of research and choose who they feel most comfortable with and not just who their agent recommends. Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you may ever make and is in no way the time to go with simply the cheapest inspector nor the only one your agent tells you to. Open your eyes people.

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• Friday, October 14th, 2011

Ok the long, hot summer has come to an end here in Maryland. When is the last time
you had your house professionally checked out ?

Maryland, DC and Virginia are areas that are known to have high Radon Gas levels,
when was the last time you had your house checked for radon Gas Levels?

How is the air quality that you breath in your home ? when was the last time you had
the quality of the air you breath tested ?

Do you have any moisture leaks ? when was the last time you had a through mold test performed ?

What is the overall condition of your home ?