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• Thursday, December 03rd, 2015

OK so some of you already no that last Wednesday I was interviewed by ABC News regarding a Local Radon Gas Issue.

 Maryland Home Inspection Services – ABC News


Yesterday I was interviewed again by ABC News after a school PTA meeting where some school officials were giving bogus info to the staff and parents. I told them what I think about what they said…

 Maryland Home Inspection Services – ABC News


Maryland Home Inspection Services and The Washington Post
Also yesterday I was also interviewed by the Washington Post
Jim Keilson , Maryland Home Inspection Services – Washington Post


Everyone should be aware of the dangers and Health Risks of exposure to elevated levels of Radon Gas.  It is relativle inexpensive to ave your home professionally tested.You owe it to yourself and your family

Call 301-534-0669 today and sleep better and safer tomorrow.



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