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• Sunday, May 07th, 2017

A big conflict of interest does exist in the Mold and Radon Gas Testing profession with the  Remediation and mitigation contractors.

As a consumer you really need to be aware of the potential conflict of interest that exists between these two separate businesses and don’t allow yourself to get ripped off.  There are many companies that their main business is the Remediation of mold and the mitigation of Radon Gas.  They typically are not interested in testing first to see if you really have mold and the extent of it.  Their main objective is to get you to agree to a remediation job which is typically very expensive and in many cases not even needed.

The same goes with companies that offer very cheap or sometimes even free Radon Gas Testing.  Their objective is to sell you on a Radon Gas Mitigation system, which can be quite expensive.  Think about it for a quick second, Do you really think they could stay in business by doing free or below their cost testing?….I think not.

Please remember that when in need of a Mold inspection and test, or a Radon Gas Test do yourself a Huge favor and be sure that you do not use any testers that also do the remediation or mitigation work as well.

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