• Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

OK those of you who know me and Maryland Home Inspection Services knows we do a very thorough and honest Home Inspection.  We have a motto here, “It Is What It Is”.  That applies to all homes, or any property we inspect.  We aren’t deal killers, we simply do our job and report the conditions of the property as we see it at the time e of the inspection.  We offer our professional opinions and help in every way we can.

OK so last week I did an Inspection in Maryland and it was a “flipper” property.  The seller (contractor) and there agent start telling me how the whole house was just remodeled, and everything is in tip top shape.  I ask them about the roof as it looked to have some dips, and other out of place issues.  They they tell me (with conviction) the attic was all fixed up, and new insulation was added.  The fact that they were kind of offering this info without me saying a word made me suspicious.  OK well I did my normal routine (save attic for last) and finally got to the attic.  Well as I figured this attic was in some bad shape.

Now this whole inspection was a bit out of the norm as the seller side was there.  anyway they ask me if I can just say the attic was not accessible or something to just exclude my findings.  Jeesh, look at what I found.    Attic Needs Some Lovin 

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