• Thursday, February 10th, 2011

OK well today I performed another Home Inspection on a brand new home. This home was just completed by the builder and in fact the settlement is not until tomorrow.  The home owner is a very nice young single mom.  This is a very nice (gorgeous) in my opinion) 3500 sq ft single family with finished basement, 2 car garage and all the bells and whistles.  OK well the girl was told that it is a waste of her money to get a Home Inspection on this house because it was brand new.  Well as a Professional Maryland Home Inspector and ex-builder I told her “I beg to differ”.  I informed her that since this is going to be one of the biggest investments of her life, that a few hundred dollars for an unbiased, third party trained professionals opinion/assessment would prove to be a wise move.  OK so she agreed and we did the inspection.

 As a rule of thumb I typically start on the outside.  So as she walked with me the first thing I see is the ground wire sticking outside just dangling and NOT connected to the ground rod.  OK so we proceed to walk around the 1st corner and BAM there is the backside of the chiming and what do we see?  well a hole in the ground next to the foundation about 3 feet deep, 2 feet long and 2 feet wide, just waiting for some rain to fill up with water and no place to go except for inside the house.  We continue walking around the house and I point out that there are NO splash blocks on any of the downspouts.  OK well between the hole and the missing splash blocks I sure hope the builder gets these deficiencies corrected before the next rain. 

 OK now we round the front corner and are standing on the driveway looking at the garage and what do we see? 
a piece of trim around one of the garage doors with a 12″ split in it.  The split appears to have been caused from a screw used to attach it was tightened a bit to hard.

OK so we now proceed to the inside.  I take off my shoes as that is standard practice if the ground outside was a bit muddy.  For the most part everything was beautiful and in good working order other than a few items.  The Gas fireplace did not operate at all.

OK well I will end here with my 2 cents that ALL homes whether Brand New or Many years old can use a good Home Inspectionby an experienced, Licensed, and well trained Professional Home Inspector.

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